Monhegan Island

Changing Light, Monhegan Ice Pond

Changing Light, Monhegan Ice Pond

Acrylic on linen, 59 x 43"

“I've been coming here for 32 years. It was seductive at first, because everywhere you look is a scene. But as a landscape painter, you have to go past all that. It's like a marriage; it's later that you find the real meaning of things... I've always loved the ocean, for as long as I can remember. My house overlooks the water. The power of the sea, the tides, the light becomes so much a part of your daily existence that when you look out, it's not a scene anymore; it's part of your life... Each year now, when summer comes, it seems like it gets more difficult to move everything here. But that's also a very positive thing for working, because it's not easy to escape; you become your own prisoner. I come here to work, and it's never failed me."

- Islands Magazine (1989)

“I first came to Monhegan in 1957 and was struck by the openness of space, light and the purity of its natural forms. My growth is vitally connected to the island. Being here every summer continues to enhance my power to see, to feel and to make art."

- Monhegan, The Artists' Island (1995)

Dominican Republic

Altos Twilight

Altos Twilight

Collage on handmade paper, 24" diameter

“Working at Altos de Chavon has reawakened feelings of being part of the natural world, my perceptions of the elements, visual and otherwise, and a heightened sense of growth and change in the environment."

- Artists In Residence, Altos de Chavon (1985)

“In the Dominican Republic I got a sense of how intense and powerful an environment can be. It was a world of feelings and I had a passion for the place. I felt a need to work and I felt effective by defining my experience."

- The Observer Patriot (1990)