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"My exploration of the 'ocean' theme through various two dimensional media is a personal record of sensing, feeling and giving shape to experience. My work deals with the natural environment and is classified as landscape. It has moved beyond the traditional 'scene' because the image is not preconceived. It emerges during the act of painting or drawing and through the entire creative process. Concern for rhythms, atmosphere and light as separate entities, and expressing them through compatible media, are important aspects of this process. I have spent a lifetime of summers at the ocean's edge, the past twelve living and working on a small island off the coast of Maine. Visual facts are often a point of departure in favor of expressive quality and concept."


“The natural environment has always been my subject matter. Early on, I realized that scene dominated the tradition of landscape art. The idea of expanded perception, beyond the visual, has always been germane to my work. This has been as much of a motivation for me as my need for self-expression. Working on Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine for the past twenty summers was how I found my own vision and developed a personal language to express it. Each piece I do is vitally connected to 'place' in its celebration of atmosphere, the sun, land and ocean forms, island paths, the annual bird migration, to name a few. Ideas that germinate in the summer usually grow throughout the year and are developed as individual pieces or series in my Connecticut studio.

Integrating the lyric impulse with the sensual pleasure of working in the studio, in graphic workshops, or on actual sites, has become an ongoing process. The association of place and time permits deep feelings of universal truths to emerge. Awareness of the infinite at unexpected times has heightened my perception of reality in everyday life. It has given me freedom to move from preconception of images and forms to exploration and discovery."


I feel that making art is giving form to facts and feelings. Material and the images they take on become a vehicle for these concerns. My visual language has developed from my own perceptions and from those of other artists, past and present. I strive for paintings that are original and clear in their expression of ongoing realities. The natural environment has strongly influenced me: earth, sky, sea, wind, changing light and tides; their poetry and drama. Beyond landscape as scenic material. I paint to record my sense of nature and being alive."


“My art reflects a philosophy of openness and trust in my life. My growth as an artist has come about from being open to experience and the world around me, as well as from sharing the rich heritage of artists of the past.

Creating forms with a minimum of preconception has been a driving force throughout my adult life. Using criteria based on values learned through formal education and, increasingly, on intuition, I have learned to trust my judgment and honor the hidden meanings of what often appears to be accidental.

Time has been an important factor in the working process―knowing when to set a piece aside as the flow of energy and ideas diminishes and having the patience to wait for solutions to technical problems that I myself have created. I have gained the perspective to recognize what appears to be unfamiliar and new on the canvas and relate that to artistic expression of other times and places, incorporating it into a language of my own.

Though I am constantly fed by other disciplines such as music, film and literature, the natural environment has been my primary source. The rich stimulation provided by northeastern Connecticut and by Monhegan Island, Maine, where I have summered for the past four decades, has allowed me to go beyond visual 'scenery' to create a broader synthesis using all my senses. Through discovering metaphors in the landscape, connecting many different aspects of experience, and bringing these perceptions to the studio, I have been able to make order of the chaos that impacts and pervades life at this time.”


“The natural environment has been my ongoing sense of imagery and inspiration. Over the years, working in different mediums and at various sites in my studio on Monhegan Island, Maine, and rural northeastern Connecticut, I developed a visual vocabulary of form, shape and color that expresses my personal vision along with the intensity of my feelings about the landscape and art. It is important that my paintings resonate in terms of my individuality, the tradition of art and artists from which I follow and the time in which each work is created."


“In my art I define and redefine landscape, arriving at abstractions of the natural and man-made environment. My vocabulary of shapes and forms has developed over the years. In recent years, due to a gradual loss of vision, it has become necessary to limit my palette to black and white. Being both observer and participant in rural northeast Connecticut and on a remote island off the coast of Maine, I am constantly challenged to make order out of the impact and complexity of what I know and what I constantly discover. I have been recording and communicating a continuum concerned with the natural order of things, in a realm where details have a life of their own and often dictate new patterns that expand meaning and the boundaries of personal experience."